Jacket patter wedding invitation card


The card is made of imported self textured paper it has a round type cutting in center with a horizontal rectangular cutting below. The inside paper is long in length and it is divided into 4 equal portion. The inside paper is tied with silk thread which has to be pulled out of the jacket. In this the jacket wont’t be pasted it will be open after printing the design and cover text together it has to be pasted. The pasting work will be done by the person from where you get the card printed. The art work of design will be provided from us on your mail id. The Ganesha image on the cards can be replaced by any other religious image or logo.The inside paper will be plain all design ,logo and text have to be printed afterwards during your printing process. This wedding invitation card looks small in size but it’s easy to carry many cards at a time for distribution.

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Weight14 g
Dimensions12 × 12 cm




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