Premium wedding invitation cards for Dry fruit and Chocolate.


It’s a premium quality wedding  Invitation card. It’s has a digital modern classy floral print design on it . The cover is in bag pattern which has a self floral print  on both side. On main card it has a very light purplish and Turquoise  colour leaf petals print which looks very adorable with some machine cut design and golden foil work around it  an a Acrylic name plate in the center. As you open the cards there are three inserts out of which you can select any two colour of your choice. If you want the third insert also then it will be charged additional. It has a tray made of same material as of the card quality and in that tray you get a golden tray inside it  to keep Dry fruits or Chocolate or some other stuff. For keeping chocolate if you want cavity then its cost will be additional. The golden tray has a ribbon attached to it  which help you to pick up the inserts placed above it.

NOTE : All the material of cover, Card top parting padding, Inside Interleave, Tray and Gold tray with ribbon will be provided separately.

Additional information

Dimensions260 × 260 cm




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