Velvet scroll invitation and wedding card with designer Lace


This is a scroll invitation card. It is made of premium quality velvet and is stitched in machine manually from top and bottom. It has a plastic stick  which has nob on both sides in top which can be fitted manually after printing process and in bottom it has a golden colour designer lace which is stitched on the velvet. This card has to be printed with us because the golden lace has to be attached after the printing is done . Print cost will be additional depending upon your quantity.  This invitation card can be used for any occasions . Its an unique invitation card which is different from other wedding or invitation cards. This type of invitation were previously used by the Royal king to send messages,invitation,news etc. Velvet requires special print known as rubber print its a process of screen print which is available with us or any experienced screen printer in your locality. The font size on the velvet card has to be little big so it will come nicely in printing avoid using small fonts, patchy logos, very thin hairline fonts and designs.

Kindly note: There can be a little colour variation depends on the availability of the raw material.