Premium machine cut scroll invitation box


This is a different kind of  box used as the cover for scroll invitation. It has a machine cut design on it with a rectangular window from where you can see the  name of the bride and groom . Below you have a golden strip on which you can print the name of the bride and groom which is manually attached to the tray. The tray has to be pulled out of the box to remove the scroll invitation from  it. It’s available in two colors one is  Premium  white metallic paper with some self texture design on it and the below tray is also of the same material and the second colour is pista green with khaki texture and its tray is of contrast gold colour. The cover and tray will be in flat condition(unmade) the top cover has to be printed first an then pasted and the below tray has to be made manually with the crease line on it.

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Weight100 g




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