Traditional wedding invitation cards with Dulha and Dulhan image


It’s a premium quality wedding invitation card. This card has a very traditional look . It has a image of bride and groom which is embossed on the card with some uv and foil work which gives it a very rich look. On opening the card you get a door type pattern on opening that door you will get the beautiful  image of lord Ganesha embossed and foiled in rich Red background with  with pop up of Elephant and Horses decorated for wedding and on both sides you get traditional images of people playing sangeet which looks very stunning. In the next page that you turn  you get 3 colorful inserts . It has a box envelope with image of lord Ganesha printed on it and small image of Bride and groom on the right side bottom of the cover.

Please note : The cover, inside two interleaves and popup cutting of elephant and horse will be provided separately along with the cards. They have to be assembled after printing at additional cost.